The 22nd National Olympiad in Informatics Results

Top Contestants
Daniel Choo Zhenghao
Raffles Institution

First Runner-up
Leong Eu-Shaun
Raffles Institution

Second Runner-up
Ryan See Weixuan
Raffles Institution

Third Runner-up
Li Yuechen
NUS High School Of Mathematics And Science

Top Secondary School Contestants
Secondary School Contestant - First
Tan Chien Hao
Raffles Institution

Secondary School Contestant - Second
Jamie Lim Jia Sin
NUS High School Of Mathematics And Science

Special Awards - Top Female Medallist
Yang Yue
Hwa Chong Institution

Special Prize - Youngest Medallist
Elijah Yong Jun Xiang
Anglo-Chinese School Independent

Top Junior Colleges
Junior College Category - First
Raffles Institution

Junior College Category - Second
NUS High School of Mathematics and Science

Top Secondary Schools
Secondary School Category - First
Raffles Institution (Secondary)

Secondary School Category - Second
NUS High School of Math and Science (Secondary)



1.Daniel Choo Zhenghao, Raffles Institution

2.Leong Eu-Shaun, Raffles Institution

3.Ryan See Weixuan, Raffles Institution

4.Li Yuechen, NUS High School Of Mathematics And Science

5.Dave Wong Swee Chong, NUS High School Of Mathematics And Science

6.Tan Chien Hao, Raffles Institution

7.Lim An Jun, Hwa Chong Institution

8.Luke Tan, Raffles Institution

9.Jiang Bowen, Raffles Institution

10.Jamie Lim Jia Sin, NUS High School Of Mathematics And Science

11.Zeyang Zhao, United World College South East Asia Dover Campus

12.Andrew Yapp Wei Rong, NUS High School Of Mathematics And Science

13.Ashley Aragorn Khoo, NUS High School Of Mathematics And Science

14.Jerry Han Jiatao, Raffles Institution

15.Adriel Tan Jean Ren, NUS High School Of Mathematics And Science


1.Tan Chee Heng, NUS High School Of Mathematics And Science

2.Toh Jing En Daniel, NUS High School Of Mathematics And Science

3.Shen Xing Yang, NUS High School Of Mathematics And Science

4.Tan Yi Kai, Hwa Chong Institution

5.Ang Boon Han Nathaniel, Anglo-Chinese School Independent

6.Shane Ong Kheng Te, NUS High School Of Mathematics And Science

7.Yang Yue, Hwa Chong Institution

8.Fong Yi Yong Calvin, Anglo-Chinese School Independent

9.Chua Rui Hong, Hwa Chong Institution

10.Soumyaditya Choudhuri, United World College South East Asia Dover Campus

11.Jishnu Roychoudhury, United World College South East Asia Dover Campus

12.Ng Mun Hin, Raffles Institution

13.Gao Yihe, National Junior College

14.Tang Yu Han, Brandon, Temasek Junior College

15.Koh Rui Cheng, Brendan, Jurong Pioneer Junior College

16.Cao Jialin Marianna, National Junior College

17.Tan Yu Bin, Hwa Chong Institution

18.Wang Haoji, St. Joseph's Institution

19.Victor Loh Wai Kit, Raffles Institution

20.Qiu Yuan, National Junior College

21.Zhao Zhongqi, Commonwealth Secondary School

22.Le Tran Cong Hung, Anglo-Chinese School Independent

23.Stuart Lim Yi Xiong, Hwa Chong Institution

24.Nguyen Cao Duy, St. Joseph's Institution

25.Hu Xinghui, Raffles Girls' School Secondary

26.Zhang Jikun, River Valley High School

27.Ning Haoyan, Temasek Junior College

28.Abdul Wahab Irfan S/O Ziawdeen, National Junior College

29.Guo Lukang, Nan Chiau High School


1.Leong Heng Yew, Nanyang Junior College

2.Wong Kai Jie, Temasek Junior College

3.Bobis Franc Ivan Lorenzo, Gan Eng Seng School

4.Ong Ray Tzer Thaddeus, Anglo-Chinese School Independent

5.Xu Xicheng, Dunman High School

6.David Walton, United World College South East Asia Dover Campus

7.Jiang Zhiheng, Hwa Chong Institution

8.Guk Yi Siong, Nanyang Junior College

9.Shin Jin, St. Andrew's Junior College

10.Petrina Lee Yew Faye, Temasek Junior College

11.Shen Hanzhang, Dunman High School

12.Luo Jiale, National Junior College

13.Huang Keyi, Anderson Secondary School

14.Loh Zhi Qin, Hwa Chong Institution

15.Ashley Chang Le Xuan, Anglo-Chinese Junior College

16.Tan Li Yang, Samuel, Nanyang Junior College

17.Simon Julian Lauw, Nanyang Junior College

18.Faiz Ali Shoaib, United World College South East Asia Dover Campus

19.Seojun Lee, United World College South East Asia Dover Campus

20.Jonathan Loh Junhao, Anglo-Chinese School Independent

21.Bian Rui, National Junior College

22.Lim Kok Liang, Jurong Pioneer Junior College

23.Sun Xinyu, National Junior College

24.Lim Yan Khai, Bennett, Anglo-Chinese School Independent

25.Leo Qiyi Joel, Dunman High School

26.Glenda Tan Hui En, Raffles Girls' School Secondary

27.Bharagth S/O Ravindhran, National Junior College

28.Jonathan Liu, Stamford American International School

29.Si Chenglei, River Valley High School

30.Zhao Yi Lin, Raffles Girls' School Secondary

31.Reiden Ong, Temasek Junior College

32.Tran Viet Khoa, Xinmin Secondary School

33.Qiu Peiran, Anderson Secondary School

34.Emily Ong Hui Qi, Dunman High School

35.Zhang Zeyu, River Valley High School

36.Koo Ii, Raffles Girls' School Secondary

37.Pan Yongjing, Raffles Girls' School Secondary

38.River Koh Ern Xin, Anglo-Chinese School Independent

39.Yeoh Yu Yong, Dunman High School

40.Eugene Oh, Anderson Secondary School

41.Elijah Yong Jun Xiang, Anglo-Chinese School Independent

Honorable Mention

1.Chew En Rui, Samuel, Jurong Pioneer Junior College

2.Zhang Chunjie, River Valley High School

3.Tay Yong Kiat Roy, National Junior College

4.Jack Chua Yi Chen, Clementi Town Secondary School

5.Gu Yingqi, River Valley High School

6.Markus Zhang, St Joseph's Institution International

7.Wang Ruojin, St. Joseph's Institution

8.Neil Goh Ken Tze, Anglo-Chinese School Independent

Invited Participants

Best Foreign Medallist

Yeoh Zi Song, Malaysia


1.Yeoh Zi Song, Malaysia

2.Abdul Malik Nurrokhman, Indonesia

3.Pongsaphol Pongsawakul, Thailand

4.Hocky Yudhiono, Indonesia

5.Nguyen Huu Duc, Vietnam

6.Vincent Ling, Indonesia

7.Dan Alden Baterisna, Philippines

8.Fausta Anugrah Dianparama, Indonesia

9.Pipat Saengow, Thailand

10.Nguyen Minh Quang, Vietnam

11.Nguyen Minh Duc, Vietnam

12.Vu Phan Thang Long, Vietnam

13.Pochara Luangruangwec, Thailand

14.Moses Mayer, Indonesia

15.Nguyen Trung The, Vietnam

16.Sirawit Pongnakintr, Thailand


1.Vu Hoang Kien, Vietnam

2.Nguyen Dinh Phuc, Vietnam

3.Pimrak Apiratchatanont, Thailand

4.Ron Mikhael Surara, Philippines

5.Patiphon Loetsuthakun, Thailand

6.Dion Stephan Ong, Philippines

7.Steven Chua, Philippines

8.Go Jun Xing, Malaysia

9.Pham Dang Khoa, Vietnam

10.Tan Li Xuan, Malaysia


1.Clyde Lawrence Borrega, Philippines

2.Lee Jia Jun, Malaysia

3.Yu Zheyuan, International Bilingual School at Hsinchu

4.Lee Zong Yu, Malaysia

5.Chong You Yuan, Malaysia

6.Nguyen Hoang Trung, Vietnam

7.Eng Wai Lam Simpson, Malaysia

8.Raphael Dylan Dalida, Philippines