The 14th National Olympiad in Informatics Results

Top Contestants
Rao Xiaojia
Maris Stella High School

Lee Wei En Joseph
Raffles Institution

Wu Jinyi
Victoria School

Yao Yujian
Hwa Chong Institution

Top Secondary School Contestants
Chua Anlong
NUS High School of Math and Science

Ranald Lam Yun Shao
Raffles Institution

Special Prize - Female Medallist
Zhang Yuwei
Hwa Chong Institution

Special Prize - Youngest Medallist
Cheong Zhi Xi, Desmond
Raffles Institution

Top Junior Colleges
Hwa Chong Institution

Raffles Institution

Top Secondary Schools
Maris Stella High school

NUS High School of Math and Science


(Names appeared in alphabetical order)


1. Ang Ray Yan, Hwa Chong Instituion

2. Chua Analong, NUS High School of Math and Science

3. Lee Wei En Joseph, Raffles Institution

4. Ranald Lam Yun Shao, Raffles Instituion

5. Rao Xiaojia, Maris Stella High School

6. Wu Jinyi, Victoria School

7. Yao Yujian, Hwa Chong Institution


1. Ananya Kumar, NUS High School of Math and Science

2. Gan Wei Liang, Hwa Chong Institution

3. Gay Wei En Colin, Hwa Chong Institution

4. Huang Geyang, Anglo-Chinese Junior College

5. Li Xuanji, NUS High School of Math and Science

6. Li Zhikai, River Valley High School

7. Lim Jeck, NUS High School of Math and Science

8. Low Kah Khang, Raffles Institution

9. Marvin Chin Kun Song, River Valley High School

10. Nguyen Khac Tung, Anglo-Chinese School(Independent)

11. O.A Hrishi, Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)

12. Steven Kester Yuwono, St. Andrew's Junior College

13. Teng Yi Fei, River Valley High School

14. Yan Kaidi, Hwa Chong Institution

15. Yuda Agung Winata, St.Joseph's Institution

16. Zhang Yuwei, Hwa Chong Institution

17. Zhu Chunqi, Hwa Chong Institution


1. Bay Wei Heng, Hwa Chong Institution

2. Cheong Zhi Xi, Desmond, Raffles Institution

3. Chin Ci En, River Valley High School

4. Emmanoel Pratama Hastono, St. Joseph's Institution

5. He Junrui, NUS High School of Math and Science

6. Jeffry Lum Ka Fai, River Valley High School

7. Kang Joon Kiat, DunmanHigh School

8. Lee Zhi Wei Louise, Raffles Girls' School (Secondary)

9. Lin Min Xuan Jeshua, Raffles Institution

10. Low Jia Jun Adriel, River Valley High School

11. Mark Theng Kwang Hui, Hwa Chong Institution

12. Matthew Lee Kay Fei, Raffles Institution

13. Ong Jun Sheng , Catholic High School

14. Su Gi Chandran, Dunman High School

15. Tan Zhi Jie, River Valley High School

16. Tee You Kuan, Catholic High School

17. Wang Duo, Dunman High School

18. Wong Zi Liang, River Valley High School

19. Yan Hong Yao Alvin, Dunman High School

20. Yang Ji An, Raffles Institution

21. Yuan Yiyang, Anglo-Chinese Junior College

22. Zhou Wenshun, Maris Stella High School

23. Zhu Liang, Anglo-Chinese JUnior College

Medal Tally
School Category Gold Silver Bronze
Anglo-Chinese Junior College JC 1 2
Anglo Chinese School (Independent) JC 2
Catholic High School SS 2
Chung Cheng High School (Yishun) SS
Dunman High School JC 2
Dunman High School SS 2
Fuhua Secondary School SS
Hwa Chong Institution JC 2 3
Hwa Chong Institution (Secondary) SS 2 2
Junyuan Secondary School SS
Maris Stella High School SS 1 1
Meridian Junior College JC
Nan Hua High School SS
National Junior College SS
National Junior College JC
Nus High School Of Mathematics and Science JC 2 1
Nus High School Of Mathematics and Science SS 1 1
Pioneer Junior College JC
Raffles Girls' School (Secondary) SS 1
Raffles Institution SS 1 2
Raffles Institution JC 1 1 2
River Valley High School JC 1 4
River Valley High School SS 2 1
St.Andrew's Junior College JC 1
St.Joseph's Institution SS 1 1
Victoria Junior College JC
Victoria School SS 1
Yishun Junior College JC