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This page contains information about the competitive programming pathway, one of the several pathways to reach computing excellence.

The primary objective of the competitive programming pathway of CeNCE is to develop a robust system that will ensure Singapore’s continued success at the International Olympiad in Informatics. This not only involves training students for Informatics Olympiad Competitions, but also organising and running such competitions.

The next objective of CeNCE is to provide a special pathway for International Olympiad medallists (especially IOI/EGOI) from Singapore (and overseas) to join NUS as undergraduate students and to possibly represent NUS in the ICPC. See the details at this link.

National Olympiad in Informatics

For pre-university students

Learn more about NOI

European Girls' Olympiad in Informatics

For top 4 female contestants at NOI and APIO

Learn more about EGOI

International Olympiad in Informatics

For top 4 contestants at NOI and APIO

Learn more about IOI, NUS@IOI and Singapore@IOI

International Collegiate Programming Contest

For university-level students

Learn more about ICPC and NUS@ICPC

Asian-Pacific Informatics Olympiad

For outstanding contestants at NOI

Learn more about APIO